Dr.Ganesh Oruganti
Executive Director

Dr Ganesh Oruganti, MD, is a microbiologist. He is the Founder-Director of the Department of Laboratory Medicine, MediCiti Hospital, Hyderabad. He served as the Project Director for over a decade (1997-2007). Dr Ganesh also worked as the Director for the Department of Transfusion Medicine, MediCiti; Chairman, Infection Control Committee, MediCiti; and Associate Professor Microbiology, MIMS. He also served under various capacities at Tadaman National Clinic, Riyadh, and Medwin Hospitals, Gandhi Medical College and the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad.

Dr. Jammy Guru Rajesh
Associate Research Director

Dr Jammy is a public health professional with more than a decade of enriching experience and expertise, backed by education (MBA, MD & PhD), in research, epidemiology, capacity building, health systems, quality of care, public health program technical assistance and grant management. His key strength has been in steering and providing leadership in various public health programs and research studies. The experience of initiating and managing cohort studies with international collaborators has given him an enriching experience of setting up cohort studies with international standards. His exposure on global health and PhD training provided experience on harmonization of data from various cohort studies globally and broadening the area of expertise in infectious diseases, non-communicable diseases and interface between them. He has been able to secure two administrative supplemental grants from Fogarty International Center of NIH, USA on HIV and another small grant from Health Analytics and Disease Modelling (HADM) of the Public Health Dynamics Lab (PHDL) at University of Pittsburgh. He has managed large donor funded projects. His experience of working with The World Bank had given him a broader perspective of Indian healthcare system and various aspects of system strengthening along with quality of care in the Indian health system. These varied experiences have provided him with proficiency in conducting robust health research and expertise in health systems, capacity building cascade, epidemiology, quality of care and program management coupled with the approach of scientific robustness and scientific writing.

Dr.Shikha Dhawan, PhD, PGDM
Associate Director, SHARE INDIA (2017-present)

Dr. Shikha Dhawan is PhD in Microbiology from Delhi University with specialization in Molecular Biology and Post Graduate Diploma in Management-Biotechnology Business Management. Dr. Shikha’s work experience spanning 17+ years includes expertise in infectious diseases, implementation of national health programs, research, product development, pre-clinical and clinical studies. She has worked with Government of India in implementation of National TB Elimination Program (NTEP), Programmatic Management of Drug Resistant TB (PMDT) (2012-2016) and HIV/AIDS Program with National AIDS Control Program (NACP) (2017-2018). She was Manager-Malaria Vaccines (2011-2012), Project Manager (2008-2011), and Research Scientist (2004-2008) for novel malaria vaccines at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), New Delhi, India. Till date she has published 15 research papers in journals of repute, 7 articles and 6 interviews. She has been a Consulting Editor for three magazines and Advisor for Interdisciplinary Research Project at Delhi University.

At SHARE INDIA, Dr. Shikha handles multi-layered complex projects with strong understanding of the health system in India, National Health Mission and related health programs. She is focused on health system strengthening, capacity building initiatives, steered and provided technical, business, people and operations leadership to various public health programs and research studies. Her expertise encompasses the whole nine yards from grant writing to grant management and she has enthusiastically pursued new funding streams that align with organizational and country strategies. Her acumen to develop solutions and pro-activeness has led to timely delivery of projects. She can efficiently translate technical content and results into compelling presentations that are understandable to a plethora of audiences. She has travelled extensively within India even to remotest districts and villages; touched lives and made meaningful societal impact.

Her ongoing research projects include “omics-genomics, proteomics and lipidomics” of tuberculosis causing bacteria in Arunachal Pradesh (DBT funded) with NTEP-Arunachal Pradesh, ICGEB-New Delhi, AIIMS-Bhopal and Amity University-Haryana, Feasibility assessment of TrueNat at five North East states and “One Health” approaches to tackle Rabies. Dr. Shikha is also Project Manager for SHARE INDIA’s ambitious Indo-American Artificial Heart Program that promotes bioengineering research in Engineering Institutes of India in collaboration with Medical Institutions, Engineering and Medical Device Industries to develop artificial assistive devices for heart and circulation in collaboration with American faculties.

Through another ongoing collaborative research project, with ICGEB and NTEP-Sikkim, Dr. Shikha has helped establish LTBI testing laboratory at Intermediate Reference Laboratory (IRL) for TB in Sikkim, a North East Indian province (the first LTBI laboratory under India’s NTP), 2018. The laboratory has built capacity to test transported blood samples from contacts of active TB cases by IGRA (Interferon Gamma Release Assay) based LTBI tests. In December 2018, SHARE INDIA served as a site for “Voice of Customer” study by QIAGEN and Ellume on QuantiFERON TB Access (QFT-Access); QFT-Access is intended to address needs for LTBI testing in low resource settings. Dr. Shikha’s completed research projects with NTEP-New Delhi and ICGEB include Development of Molecular Point-of-Care Biomarker for TB Diagnostics (BIRAC-BMGF funded, June 2017-Nov 2018) which was one of the two recipients of Grand Challenges Exploration in 2016. Based on the biomarker study a patent has been filed on “Development of miRNA based molecular biomarker to predict response to anti-TB drugs” (2018). The work was also presented at an international conference on TB and Lung Health, Netherlands (2018). She is now validating a microchip based TB diagnostic prototype to differentiate active TB and Latent TB Infection (LTBI) in a cohort of TB affected patients and their primary contacts (household) and secondary contacts (social network).

Currently, Dr. Shikha is board member of The UNION’s TB and Migration Working Group; Epidemiology & Implementation Research and Diagnostic Working Group, India TB Research Consortium (ITRC), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). She has been the Master Trainer for ICMR demonstration study for TrueNat MTB, an indigenous molecular diagnostic test for TB (2017). She facilitated establishment of TrueNat as part of public private partnership at Tso Jey Clinic, Rumtek Monastery, Sikkim (2018) to test the monks and inhabitants of nearby villages for TB. TrueNat is now endorsed by WHO (2020) as a highly accurate smear replacement diagnostic test for TB and to subsequently detect Rifampicin resistance. As a TB expert, Dr. Shikha was member of Committee to screen and review research projects at Department of Biotechnology’s North Eastern Region-Biotechnology Programme Management Cell (NER-BPMC, 2017).

With National AIDS Control Program (2017-2018) through a Cooperative Agreement with Centers for Disease Control (CDC), USA, Dr. Shikha spearheaded the SHARE INDIA team engaged in roll out of Public Private Partnership with Metropolis, a Private Health Laboratory, India that will provide 13.15 lakh Viral Load tests for PLHIV (People Living with HIV) across India on turnkey basis. The partnership is first of its kind and largest so far in India’s Public Health arena with a total budget of INR 161,61,35,000 (USD 2,26,09,728) for three years. She also provided leadership in SHARE INDIA’s implementation of Quality Management Systems (QMS), Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) and External Quality Assurance Scheme (EQAS) in ICTCs (Integrated Counseling and Testing Centers), CD4 and Viral Load laboratories under NACP with strengthened linkages between testing and service delivery.

In her multiple roles as a Microbiologist, TB laboratories expert and Monitoring & Evaluation National Consultant with NTEP (2012-2016), Dr. Shikha was responsible to monitor all aspects of the program at state and district levels and guide NTEP on policy decisions relevant at all levels of the health system including engagement with private sector for services delivery. Dr. Shikha was instrumental in demonstration/evaluation of active interventions for TB. She was part of the team that evaluated and scaled up new approaches to engage private providers in TB control activities by PPSA (Patient Provider Support Agency); Universal Access to TB Care (UATBC); scale up of molecular diagnostics (Line Probe Assay, GeneXpert-MTB/Rif, TrueNat MTB) and IPAQT (Initiative for Promoting Affordable and Quality TB Tests) that made WHO-endorsed TB tests available at affordable prices in the private sector.

At ICGEB (2004-2012), Dr. Shikha was part of the team that successfully advanced a malaria vaccine from bench to first-in-man clinical trial in India after seeking approvals from Indian regulatory authorities. She helped establish a “Good Clinical Laboratory Practices (GCLP) compliant immunoassay laboratory” at ICGEB for analysis of pre-clinical and clinical samples. Dr. Shikha has sound understanding of Indian regulatory requirements for recombinant vaccines, ICH- Good Clinical Practices (GCP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and GCLP. Dr. Shikha did her Post-Doctorate (2002-2003) in cystein proteases from the blood stage of the Plasmodium falciparum life cycle at Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center (affiliated to Tufts university), Boston, USA.           .

Dr.Satish Kaipilyawar
Associate Project Director

Dr Satish Kaipilyawar holds an MBBS; MHA (TISS), Fellowship from University of London (Health Promotion and Project Management) and is currently the Associate Project Director for the project at SHARE INDIA.

Dr Satish Kaipilyawar has an impressive three decades of experience in the public health and development sector. He is a Medical graduate from Kakatiya Medical College, Warangal, Post Graduate in Health administration from TISS Mumbai and has a fellowship from University of London, UK in Project Management and Health Promotion, has undergone various national and international trainings from WHO center of Excellence in Sondalo, Italy.

He has served on prestigious bilateral, funding and implementing international agencies like the AGA Khan foundation, DFID, USAID, PATH, BMGF and CDC supported projects. He served in diverse capacities from the grass roots implementation, leading large multi-state projects to influencing policy at National and International level. His projects and pilots have influenced National decisions like introduction of new vaccines (HepB, JE vaccine, second dose measles, HPV, ID Rabies) quality improvement of downstream vaccine implementation (micro-planning, supportive supervision, cold chain, injection safety and infection control and management) new technology introduction (VVM’s, auto-disable syringes, Cold chain, hub cutters, intradermal injection devices, jet injectors and syringe melters). He has influenced and drafted the IMA National policy on injection safety, has publications on vaccine downstream work. He was invited to present at international conferences like TECHNET, SIGN, TBUNION, Global pharmacy conferences in various countries and WHO Geneva. He was awarded IMA Diamond Jubilee national IDPL award in 2004, Honorable mention award on Injection safety from ISIPS Jordan in 2005, received 2 Global awards on “Advancing Global health” by PATH’s President on Children’s vaccine program and the HPV project.

Dr Satish has served as Chief of Party for a large USAID supported National TB project on Advocacy Communication and Social Mobilization, TB Laboratory Strengthening, Pharmacy PPM project, Airborne infection control, Drug Resistant TB, TB Human Resources for health to mention a few. He has worked closely with National and State health departments and managed 5 project cycles, formed and nurtured consortia managed national and international partnerships and have leveraged technical assistance from Global and National teams for program implementation and advocacy. He has also facilitated various USAID delegations to the project sites (a group of Conservatives and Democrats from the USA – Delhi US Embassy) and organized field visits for the US Ambassador to project sites. He is currently managing the CDC supported projects on AIC, end MDR TB project, Latent TB infection management and supporting the RNTCP to improve data quality and analytics for improving program management..

Associate Project Director

Dr Parthasarathy is currently the Associate Project Director in project NISCHIT. Dr. Partha is a Medical doctor specialized in HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STI) carrying 18 years of experience in clinical care and program management. He has worked in the Government system as well as for the donor-supported projects across the prevention-to-care continuum cascade, providing senior level techno-managerial support to the HIV, HIV-TB, STI and key population programs. He was also engaged with PEPFAR projects through CDC and USAID and has worked with multi-cultural teams. His key areas of expertise include Project management, community engagement, capacity building and mentoring in National and International platforms, scientific writing, knowledge management and operational research. His educational highlights include PMD Pro-Certification (Project Management for Development Professionals), Fellowship in Diabetology; Certificate course on quality improvement and implementation science, University of North Carolina; and Trainings on Quality Management Systems and internal audit of medical laboratories, Air-borne infection control and WHO STI Surveillance.​

Mr.Nitin C. Desai,
Administrator Projects

Mr. Nitin Desai has been associated with MediCiti-SHARE organisation since it’s inception in the year 1986 when he was working at TCI Ltd. A commerce graduate from Osmania University, Telangana with additional qualifications in Personal Computer programming and Hospital Management Administration. He is an able administrator and has expertise in Finance and Accounts, Human Resources, Liaison with various Government departments, Finance organizations to obtain loans, Materials and stores management, procurement of various equipment and consumables for the projects. His experience has helped him soar to the position of an Administrator for SHARE INDIA’s Research projects since 2005. ​

Mr. Desai’s career span started in the year 1984 as a Sales Executive selling submersible pumps in Hyderabad. He effortlessly managed numerous roles since 1986 at the Transport Corporation of India (TCI) Limited, located in Coimbatore one of the largest goods transportation company in India: and was thereafter posted to the Head Quarters in Hyderabad as a Management Trainee managing the Equity shares and debentures cell in the Secretarial department. In the year 1988 he was posted in the software division of TCI Ltd – Bhorucom Software Pvt. Ltd as a Secretarial officer in Hyderabad. He moved to Mumbai in the year 1990 where he was instrumental in setting up the manpower export office to meet the then demand of software professional in Y2K projects in collaboration with a USA company in Austin, Texas. ​

Mr.N.Lakshmi Narasimhan
Finance Manager

Mr.Lakshmi Narasimhan has been with SHARE INDIA since 2007 and heads the Finance and Accounts team. He has over 35 years of experience in managing finance in various Industries and organisations like, manufacturing, book publishing, transport, hospitals and medical colleges. His role involves a continuous review of financial systems, focusing on procurement of the health sector goods, equipments and services. He has been instrumental in putting in place a robust system of internal control which is designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding economy, accountability and reliability of financial reporting. ​

Ms.Revina Suhasini Samuel
HR Manager

Ms. Revina Suhasini Samuel has been with the organization since 2007 and currently Heads the Human Resources and Administration at SHARE INDIA-CDC Projects. With a vast experience in HR she has been actively involved in strategic organizational development, instilling positive work culture in the organization and improving overall workplace morale. She strives to develop a strong and vibrant human resource base for the organization. ​

Mr.Purushotham Reddy R
Data Manager

Mr. Purushotham Reddy R. is a Data Manager/ Software Programmer at SHARE INDIA with a 15 years of experience in research Projects and uses skills in coding to maintain secure databases (Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite). He has a Master of Business Administration in Systems. He is trained in Stata analytics software and Data management at Johns Hopkins University, USA. He has a rich experience in Software Programming(Vb.Net,C#,Java). ​