About Us


SHARE’s services, programs and activities are designed to achieve the following objectives.

  1. To enable special children, identify their latent talent and provide the appropriate environment for their fullest growth and development.
  2. Provide special children with the needed social skills and support, to enable them to handle challenges independantly.
  3. To equip parents of special children with knowledge and techniques needed when handling their children.
  4. To identify and organize appropriate events that can act as a morale-booster.
  5. To establish a platform for periodic dialogues between parents, teachers, students, trainers, OT specialist academicians etc to identify ways and means to refine methods to handle challenges.
  6. To establish a network of volunteers, self-help groups and corporates to further strengthen services and facilities exclusively for special children.
  7. To create newer avenues of learning and employment to enable special children to pursue a career in a field of their choice.
  8. Establish a continuous resource mobilization initiative that can support, facilitate all programmes and activities designed for their Holistic development
  9. Establish an ongoing Awareness programme through e-publishing

The Professionals behind SHARE

SHARE is composed of dedicated, committed professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines… ranging from Counsellors, Social Entrepreneurs, Special Educators, Edupreneurs, Business and HR Consultants, Lawyers, Activists, Chartered Accountants, Trainers, Volunteers and Communications Experts.

As of today, Jan 2018, SHARE has enabled over 100 individuals who are in turn enabling and empowering 100s of others across the world.