A program to enrich the experience of young health care professionals by exposing them to a unique experience in rural India. IIn many parts of the world, including rural India access to modern healthcare is severely limited. Many dedicated healthcare professionals have however learned to improvise and make best use of scarce resources to provide critical services to the underprivileged. This environment will have a salutary effect in providing perspective to young physicians training in the prosperous developed countries whose experience is that of a relatively high cost and high tech healthcare system.

The best physicians are those who have a broad education in the life sciences and this would obviously be enriched by exposure to different cultural experiences. Reaching out to clients of different cultures will improve a physician's ability to appreciate diversity and be more empathetic. It is also expected that this experience will provide an opportunity to see a variety of medical problems and illnesses not always seen in traditional western training. Interaction with western trained physicians should promote an exchange of ideas that may enhance the quality of healthcare in India. Many of the lessons learnt in serving the underprivileged may provide the seed for innovations applicable to under served areas of the USA and perhaps the rest of the world.

The global health rotation at SHARE INDIA Mediciti institute of Medical sciences has been developed with a vision of providing the student scholar a perspective of medical care in rural/resource-limited setting. The experiences gained by the exchange scholar can help enrich his/her perspective of clinical medicine.

Duration: Minimum of 4 weeks without vacation

Qualification/Eligibility requirements:

  1. Premed students/ Undergraduates interested in a career in the Health Sciences
  2. Medical students/ MPH Students
  3. Residents/Fellows

Students: MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences is an accredited medical school affiliated to the NTR Health Science University with a 500-bed multispeciality hospital attached. Students interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences will benefit from the patient diversity to which the hospital caters. There are ample opportunities for learning about various medical conditions, especially infectious diseases in rural India. It gives the student scholar a perspective of diseases in a tropical country especially in the rural/resource-limited setting. On an average about 750-800 outpatients are served daily by care provided by the hospital at affordable, subsidized rates. Rotations can be tailored as per the interests of the student scholar. Students also participate in noon conferences.

I Interested students have opportunities to participate in fieldwork, such as data collection for the ongoing projects in SHARE MediCiti Institute of medical sciences CATCH, REACH, and ICDS programs. (Details available on Students interested in HIV related work can also participate in activities of APAIDSCON such as organizing Red Ribbon Clubs, creating HIV/AIDS awareness programs; activities of the positive network. They can visit the villages with the team and interact with the local population. This also gives the student scholars an opportunity to learn about the socioeconomic conditions of people in rural India.

Unlike developed countries like the United States, medical care in rural India is very limited. Resident scholars can benefit from the experiences gained by working in a rural environment in a developing country. This will help them gain an insight into medical care in resource-limited settings. Rotations can be structured according to the interest of the resident scholar. Residents can rotate through various clinical departments of their interest. For residents interested in pursuing Primary Care /Family Practice, rotations can be structured to involve multiple departments with special emphasis on outpatient care such as Dept of medicine, women and child health, skin & casualty .The MICU has patient diversity, rotating here would enrich overall clinical experience. Residents who are interested in HIV medicine and I.D fellows can attend the weekly I.D clinics. Case presentations are done at noon conferences. Overall, the experience gained here can be applied in part to rural settings in the US.

To know more about the rotation please contact any one of the following :

USA 1. Dr. P. S. Reddy – University of Pittsburgh –
Phone: 412 736 7492 E-mail:,
2. Dr. Vijay V. Yeldandi – University of Illinois
Phone: (312) 543-0223 E-mail:
1. Mr. Nitin C. Desai – SHARE INDIA
Phone: + 099858-20831 Email:
Procedure for rotation: You have to mail your request with the following document to Dr. P.S. Reddy / Dr. Vijay Yeldandi / Dr. Clare Bunker / Dr. Samuel Matheny: Elaborate write up about the purpose of your visit. Statement of learning – brief note. Soft copy of your Bio – Data. Soft copy of photograph 5 cm X 3 cm approximately. Documents requested from the students: Soft copy of Passport with Visa. Approval letter from the University / Medical school – soft copy to be mailed and hard copy to be brought by the students during the visit.
Accommodation and Food: Accommodation will be in the Boys / Girls hostel in the campus.
Tariffs with effect from 1st Jan., 2016 shall be as under:

Tariffs with effect from 1st Jan., 2016 shall be as under:

Type of Accommodation

Revised tariff (With effect from 01-01-2016)

Single Occupancy

Twin Sharing Basis

AC Rooms

Rs.1200/- per day

Rs.1800/- per day (Rs.900/- per head)

Non-AC Room

Rs.500/- per day

Rs.800/- per day (Rs.400/-per head)

Note : Those students staying for more than a fortnight shall be offered 25% discount. Commute from Airport to MIMS: Please board the “Pushpak Airport Liner” bus from the Airport to KEYES HIGH SCHOOL. This is the point to point service from the International Airport which is about 70+ kilometers from campus and 35 kms from Keyes high school. Cost Rs. 250/- one way per person upto Keyes high school. From Keyes high school you can take a taxi to MIMS campus. Cost Rs. 600/- GENERAL INFORMATION:
  1. You will have access to the Internet at extra cost. You can get your laptop.
  2. Dress code is formal. For boys and girls Full pants and shirts or Indian chudidar & payjama (for girls). Half pants are not appreciated. Please get your white apron
    (Lab coat), which should be worn while you are in the college and Hospital.
  3. You can get your tri-band mobile handset which can be used in India too. We shall facilitate you in getting a local SIM card that can be used in your handset. You can purchase in india a good mobile hand set with minimum working features for about 40 – 50 dollars.
  4. The Institute works from Monday through Saturday. 2nd Saturday of the month is holiday.
  5. At the end of the rotation you are required to prepare a report covering following aspects:
    Your experience about the rotation program - Technical Report.
    Any other views / suggestion and experience you had during your rotation in the campus.
  6. We have buses operating between the city (down town) and the MIMS campus and also government run public transport system.
  7. Please ensure that you fill up the Visitors Profile form on reaching the campus which will be provided by Mr. N.C.Desai, Administrator – Projects. A copy of your passport and photo also may be submitted along with this form. These are required for security reasons.
  8. In case your VISA has an endorsement of “REGISTRATION REQUIRED WITHIN XX DAYS OF ARRIVAL IN INDIA” please specifically bring to the notice of Mr. NC Desai immediately on landing to complete the formalities with the local police authorities.
  9. You should back in the campus before 1900 hours and notify the coordinator in case you have plan to stay in down town during weekends and other days.
  10. Do not plan your rotation in month of May. The professors and students will be busy with exams and from May 1st to 31st is vacation. College re-opens from June 01st.
If you have questions please feel free to mail us with copy to all.