Our Services

The services of SHARE basically fall under 4 categories – 1) referral services 2) support services 3) awareness 4) empowerment services 5) directory.

  1. Referral Services – under the referral services, SHARE works closely with the schools, community centres, self-help groups, psychiatrists, doctors and voluntary welfare organizations, focusing on child growth and development etc, to reach out to children with different types of learning difficulties.

    After an in-depth profiling, SHARE refers the children to appropriate therapy clinics that are easily accessible and cost-effective. A thorough investigation of the child’s condition, in relation to family income, affordability etc, is done before references are made. Besides, SHARE also studies influential factors and recommends solutions and resources accordingly

  2. Support Services – SHARE, on a periodic basis, extends support services such as mobilizing sponsors to meet treatment costs. The organization also mobilizes material resources such as spectacles, walkers, hearing aids for such children.
  3. Awareness – In order to create awareness of the problems of ELD, SHARE is planning to organize the following:
    1. Online Awareness Campaign
    2. A poster campaign in schools, colleges, schools and departments of social work, corporates, health and wellness departments and clinics (both govt. and private)

    The organization also plans to host/co-host at least 4 seminars in a year to bring in various specialists to share thoughts on emerging challenges in an ever changing socio-cultural environment

  4. Empowerment Services – One of the unique services offered by SHARE is the extension of empowerment services whereby both parents as well as their special children are equipped with knowledge and social skills needed to be self-supporting.

    The parents, especially the women, are taught how to earn from home, without neglecting their duties in the home front, through online employment via networks such as YieldMore.org.

  5. Directory – SHARE plans to launch a directory of services, facilities and products specially geared towards the needs of special children. It covers the whole gamut of education, recreation, leisure, employment and everything related to holistic development of special children.
  6. Zakat Management – Zakat is that 2.5% of every muslim’s annual nett profit which is shared with the underprivileged and deserving individuals across the world… a contribution that is aimed at the establishment of universal brotherhood and global socio-economic balance between the haves and have-nots.

    SHARE, through its profiling network, ensures a system that connects Zakat payers with the deserving. It reaches children in specific, who need food, clothes, medical and psychiatric treatment, physiotherapy, vision therapy, occupational therapy, counselling etc